Fitting Instructions





bulletPanniers need to be kept clear of the rear wheel, including when rear spring is fully compressed.


bulletThere needs to be at least 100mm clearance between the panniers & muffler.


bulletMost bikes will require the attachment of racks or bars to achieve required clearances.  Ensure there are no sharp edges or pressure points pressing into the panniers.  Racks made of tube or round metal make this easier. Panniers now have a removable back panel to protect the body of the bag and allow for easier cleaning. Please contact us if you need a replacement panel.


bulletThe straps going over (or under) the seat should be adjusted so that the panniers hang evenly on each side of the bike.  Handling of the bike is aided by having the panniers as low as possible & over or in front of the rear axle.  Ensure panniers won’t touch the ground when rear spring is fully compressed.  On gascoyne panniers the upper horizontal webbing is provided as an alternative hanging point when bag is packed to maximum.  Thread over seat straps through the openings in the horizontal webbing.


bulletThere are D rings sewn on the bottom of the side panels to secure the panniers to the bike with reusable cable ties provided. This is to stop the panniers from slipping forward or backwards & to prevent them from falling away from the bike when leaning the bike over & should be.  attached to the racks or rear sub frame.  Do not attach to any part of the swing arm.  Avoid over tightening to prevent excess strain on the canvas. If the bike is dropped the cable ties will break before the rings pull out of the pannier. If you use anything other than cable ties to attach to the bike ensure they are “sacrificial” to protect the pannier. They are not intended to keep the panniers located against the racks in situations where the bike is being dropped regularly at speed or being ridden through thick scrub.  In these situations consider using a strap that goes around the whole pannier and the rack. A gap is provided between the bottle holders and the pannier to pass a strap horizontally around the pannier and rack to hold the panniers tightly against the bike. Please contact us if you require the straps.


bulletWhen the pannier is packed, tuck in the side panels, fold the velcro over & ensure it is well attached, then roll the top down at least twice before clipping & tightening the straps.  This will help prevent dust & water from entering the panniers.


We do NOT recommend using any of the straps on your luggage as tie points for other items.               



Folding the Panniers

Panniers should be folded correctly to give the best seal against water and dust

Start with the bag open and sides straight             Push the side panels in                    Push the front velcro strip toward the back



      Press the velcro together                          Roll down the top at least twice                   Close the clips & tighten straps



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