To help maximise the durability and life of your canvas panniers please follow these instructions:


·        Prior to using your luggage we recommend that you thoroughly wet the bags with a hose & let them dry fully in the sun.  This is necessary to allow the fabric to settle & the stitching to swell into the stitch holes.  Failure to do so may cause leakage in initial exposure to rain.


·        Store or pack away only when clean & dry.


·        To remove dirt, brush dry fabric with a soft brush.  An occasional hosing may remove dust and some ingrained dirt.


·        Never scrub the fabric.


·        Do not expose to petrol or oil.


·        Remove deposits of soil, pollutants, vehicle exhaust etc as soon as possible.


·        Remove any mildew, as it appears, first by brushing, then by treating with diluted household chlorine bleach (1part bleach to 4 parts water to achieve 1% available chlorine).  Allow to dry in full sun, then hose to remove any residue.  Do not use strong bleach or “pool chlorine.”  


·        Do not use soaps, detergents, solvents or other liquid cleaners.



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