Following a great deal of use by many riders we decided to do some design "tweaking" while we were waiting to receive materials and get reorganised in our new base in South Australia

*The bottom straps have been replaced by a metal ring. Reuseable cable ties (supplied) are used to attach the bottom of the panniers through the ring to the bike. Two cable ties can be connected together if extra length is required. Using cable ties makes adjustment and connection easier, stops problems with loose straps and is a "sacrificial" connection between the pannier and the bike, preventing the bottom of the panel tearing in caseof a fall at speed.



* There is a gap between the bottle holders and the panniers to pass a strap going around the panniers and the rack to more firmly hold the panniers to the bike. The strap no longer has to pass over the bottle bags making the appearance neater and the pannier connection to the rack sturdier.


* There is a removable panel on the back of the panniers where it goes against the rack or frame. It is held on by velcro and if it gets worn over many rides it is easily replaced. It also makes attachment of a heat proof panel a simple process.


* The strap at the top of the bottle bags is now closed by a velcro strip. This makes access to the bottle bags much easier especially with gloves on.


* Please note we no longer offer the option of velcro attachment for the over the seat straps and panniers are no longer supplied with bottles for the bottle holders - most 1.5L water bottles fit.